On foot, by bike, with wheelchair, by car, gravel surfaces are no longer a problem with Block Rock.
No more ruts, puddles and potholes, and lower maintenance costs. The special hexagonal structure ensures and stabilizes the gravel.
Block Rock is the solution for the annoying artefacts of free gravel, for its decline in the long run (which makes it necessary to renew the gravel regularly), for the emergence of weeds if the substrate has not been properly prepared.
Rock Block is designed specifically for roads, gravel pads and bike paths, driveways, to make them stable, permeable, and reduce maintenance costs.

what's Block Rock


Why choose and install Block Rock:

  1. Lasting and stable paving of gravel without furrows.

  2. Easily viable on foot, by bike, with a wheelchair or by car.

  3. 100% water-permeable coating.

  4. Light and flexible panels which do not slip, even on gentle slopes.

  5. Welded geotextile prevent the gravel from sinking and push up the panel.

  6. Prevents the growth of weeds and is easy to maintain.

  7. Quick and easy installation without special tools.

  8. Panels are virtually invisible.

  9. 100% recyclable.


Block Rock is the right choise for gravel surfaces suitable for vehicles, elegant, looking natural, safe and totally drained. Without neglecting the economic aspect.

Block Rock was chosen for many applications, both private and public, to get gravel surfaces clean in appearance, strength and effectiveness.
It is ideal for gardens, avenues, places, parking lots and driveways, but also in public places, cycle paths and areas of historical interest and natural beauty.

Technical Features

For more informations about Block Rock here are its technical features:

block rock technical features
Panel dimensions: 120cm x 100cm x 32mm *
Honeycomb dimensions: 60 x 50 mm
Recommended gravel: granulate from 6/12 to 8/16 mm
Empty weight: 1,4 kg/m2
Filled weight: 60 kg/m2
Load resistance (filles): 450 kN/m2 **
Color: white

* L x L x H
** Load test performed and certified by European Quality Institute

Download Results

of load test (pdf)