Tips for installation

Preparing of the ground

Stabilize, level and roll a 20-30 cm ground in order to prepare it for installation. The surface needs to be as homogeneus and compact as possible. It is advisible to delimit the area of installation (using a curb).

Distribution of the gravel

Spread evenly the gravel on the panels (it is strongly recommended granules by 6/12 mm to 8/16 mm), so that the panels are completely covered by granules (WARNING: panels free of gravel are not suitable for vehicles).

Arrangement of panels

Lay the panels with the Rock Block fabric facing down. All panels should be placed with the same orientation, in order for the excess tissue to remain under the free part of the adjacent panel. The panels are arranged so that each one is "stuck" with the adjacent panels.

Settlement of the gravel

Sprinkle with water so that the dust settles down and accelerates the settling and compaction of the gravel.

Trimming of panels

The panels can be trimmed easily using scissors in order to follow the curved edges.

Restoring of gravel

Restore the gravel where necessary.